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Monday, December 12, 2011

don't come back. im a bitch. :)

to be regret for a lifetime for a mistake that i didn't do is pointless issue that u can made up. :) to be sympathized for some stupidity that u make by your own, is not in my list of love and kindness my ex. :) u know who u are when u read this. by the moment that i left u alone with all the regret that u had, i own nothing but only a smile that worth everything in this world. i satisfied with my own decision. yet i'm still not the wrong one in this kind of bullshit relationship. u know, i'm beggin u, just for a moment, sit back and try to manage urself to be a MEN. to be someone that we can count on. someone that we can put our trust in u. because for a lifetime u have none of it. if u realize it. :) 

u know why i leave u? the main reason is u're too weak to hold me. even though i test u so many time, but u still fail in it. :) and don''t blame me in this kind of stupid thing that only u made it. i don't say it by what i know, but from what i see and what i know. both of it has play their game in front of me. u know, family means everything 2 me. :) there's no point for u to steal my mother's heart yet u annoying me all the time. face the fact budd, i didn't love you from the beginning i know u. but i try to accept u because everybody should get a chance to be love. :) but for all the chance that i give, u didn't know how to use it well. and u blame me in everything. being childish when i'm telling u anything, not be able to try to manage yourself by the age of 24, yes u have failed in being a men. :) i don't give a damn if u say that i am the one who make u suffer like what u have choose rite now. :) u know, why i am heartless? well as everyone say, pain change everything innocent to a bitch in their own area. :) 
i may look good when i'm not talking to you, look like an innocent girl that can't harm any inch of ur heart, but try make me speak up. u are the one who will not be able to stand any moment to hear anything from my mouth. :) 

dare enough to start it again? think twice my ex. :) i left you. remember? so stop loving me!! hesh. u know, i never left the people that i love. :) but when i can't even give u a chance to make everything rite, there must be something wrong between us. :) it is no feelings, no love , no heart to be love yet i'm still somebody with cold hearted heart in my soul. :) and yes i'm asking u a forgiveness for letting u down with my last 3 years decision. :) it still hurt untill now isn't it? u made your choice. :) u have to face it without me by your side. and for the disease that u have to carry on rite now, i only can hope, may god bless you. and may that wound can be cure by another women. :) bye.

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