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Friday, April 13, 2012

life plan


smiling. thats the main plan. and then :-

  •  continue my degree. banyak tahun dah terbuang. 
  • naik pangkat. 
  • a car is needed. before this year ends
  • a house , pebesaq umah ka. :D
  • weight lose. now pon dah lose. :) 
  • change my personalities. :) 
  • married? errrr maybe not. 
  • boyfie on 24. 
  • modelling. 
thats all. :) u know, moneys come and go. people change. and so do i. people change. haha. and ive trust nobody. moneys come moneys go, what to wasted? nothing. i got everything that people wants. moneys, families, great job, great friends, all people around me loves me, a love that doesnt exist. maybe not yet.maybe one day i could get one. enough chasing. let it comes . himself. God knows what best for me. enough if he can appreciate me. nothing else matter. appreciation is needed. and i deserve that way. as i appreciate people that i love. nothing can stop me doing that thing. thats why i dont mind spent almost everything that i had in my hand, moneys, time, just to people that need me most in their life. but somehow, i believe, there will always someone or two will take advantage in everything that i do. for those who are keep blaming me in everything,  chance are everywhere u know. if u dont give it, maybe i will give it to myself. i will change myself. u dont have to push me that way. times take place in everything. karma get me by now. and i've learn my lesson. nothing's best to be in a mothers arm. nothings great to get her forgiveness. knowing that u losing so many people that u love before, teach me how to care of them. but i do mistakes. people do mistakes by mistakes. nothing perfect. im just a person that has been created by Allah , not in a perfect way. but to regret everything that happend, i just do it now. :) losing one and only friend that u count on the most, it teach me, today people will say they love you, and tomorrow they will hate you for a mistake. losing a person that always be with me also about my only mistake, or maybe about many mistake that I DIDNT REALIZE , teach me to talk loud, ask urself a chance to explain everything before its too late. even though , nobody wants to listen it. even though they dont ask for it. :) only mad people , will be mad with others with no reason. :) and im not mad. :D 

rejection is not something cool to do. u know who u are when u read or if u read this. a rite to be a woman is not to let herself be fool by a man. even though a man are the person who will take her to be care someday. the thing that you do, make my respect on you gone just like that . ur way kiss my forehead without my permission, its too much. ur JUST my FRIEND. not more than that. u cross the line dude. thats not how a friend treat his friend. and using u? no i am not. hating you? also its a no. losing a respect on you. yes i am. i admit it. ive change suddenly. i didnt talk to you the way i did before. because im not a fool that doesnt see about people. and yes! im angry with you. because that using u thing, its not in my intention dude. its better i let u go not to be my friend anymore. 

thats all for today. bai. :D 

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