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Friday, July 20, 2012

its been a while. :) well hello blog berhabuk. :) i miss to tell you stories.

i miss everyone. i miss my old life. i miss my old friend. i miss everything. i miss my own laugh. i miss my health. i miss my friendship. i miss my brothers. i miss it. enough when i say, im just not me anymore. i lost too many things, i lost too many people. and i cant get it back. even i apologize. even i try to make everything better. i just can't. im scared of losing again and again. seems like they're happy with their life after all. they got a good job, a good life so far. :) a smile that have been carve on their face without me. yeah! all of you really can face it rite. :) that people done something bad and layak dapat peluang kedua tu tak wujud bagi dorang. :) even aku sendiri bagi banyak peluang dekat orang but one they forgot to do, appreciate. at least sebesar kuman pon enough . :) but its okay. its better this way. maybe korang x cukup mengenali sisi hidup aku. :) sedegil mana aku, seburuk mana aku. mungkin x da lagi orang yang mampu terima semua tu. :) see, even kawan sendiri pon lepaskan aku. :D so no wonder why people akan blah. :) u know, im good when everything goes rite.

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