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Tentang SARA

its about her. MAISARAH BT ABD MAJED.
she was born on 25th of July 1991 .
studying at SMK sg. Acheh in economy course.
photography is her dream. camera is her life. picture is her expression.
she's ordinary. juz a girl. without anything amazing. :)


-panas baran..
-speak loud.
-buat hal. bayar utk apa yg kaw buat. :)
-sgt mnja. but not bitchy idiot!
-loves pink red n black.
-shoping. addicted with it!.
-she's malay + siam
- snobbish ! yes! any problem with dat!
-have nothing 2 care about except about her life. then back off!

- anything wanna know bout her. juz ask her. :) she use 2 answer than ask. :)

tq. :)